MANILA, Philippines - There will be no classes and work in selected areas for the specific dates of February 2018 (5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 26) to give way for the celebration of local events, Malacañang Palace declared.

February 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 26, 2018 special holiday

Local holidays (Proclamations 407 to 412) were announced by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea. These include areas of Godod, Zamboanga del Norte; Kidapawan, Province of Cotabato; Parañaque City; Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay; Bago City, Province of Negros Occidental and City of Zamboanga.

Proclamation No. 407: Special non-working holiday in the municipality of Godod, Zamboanga del Norte on Thursday, February 8, 2018 for the celebration of founding anniversary.

Proclamation No. 408: Special non-working holiday in the City of Kidapawan, Province of Cotabato on Monday, February 12, 2018 for its 20th Founding Anniversary.

Proclamation No. 409: Special non-working holiday in Parañaque City on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 for the celebration of 20th cityhood anniversary.

Proclamation No. 410: Special non-working holiday in the municipality of Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay on Saturday, February 17 for the 81st Founding Anniversary.

Proclamation No. 411: Special non-working holiday in the City of Bago, Province of Negros Occidental on Monday, February 19, for the the celebration of its 52nd Charter Anniversary.

Proclamation No. 412: Special non-working holiday in the City of Zamboanga on Monday, February 26 for the celebration of 81st Charter Anniversary.

Meanwhile, Proclamation for the following Republic Acts (RA) are still for announce.

RA 8814: February 9 of every year is hereby designated as a special working holiday in the City of Mandaluyong, in recognition and commemoration of the city's liberation from foreign occupying forces.

RA 9428: February 14 of every year a special working holiday in the City of Valenzuela to be known as "Araw ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela."

Proclamation No. 269 declares February 16, 2018 (Friday) and February 25, 2018 (Sunday) special non-working holidays nationwide for the celebration of Chinese New Year and EDSA Revolution Anniversary, respectively.

Special Holiday Area Celebration
February 8, 2018 (Thursday) Godod, Zamboanga del Norte Founding Anniversary
*February 9, 2018 (Friday) Mandaluyong City Mandaluyong Liberation and Cityhood Day
February 12, 2018 (Monday) Kidapawan, Province of Cotabato 20th Founding Anniversary
February 13, 2018 (Tuesday) Parañaque City Parañaque Day/Founding Anniversary
February 14, 2018 (Wednesday) Valenzuela City Valenzuela City Day
February 16, 2018 (Friday) Nationwide Chinese New Year
February 17, 2018 (Saturday) Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay 81st Founding Anniversary
February 19, 2018 (Monday) Bago City, Province of Negros Occidental 52nd Charter Anniversary
February 25, 2018 (Sunday) Nationwide EDSA Revolution Anniversary
February 26, 2018 (Monday) City of Zamboanga 81st Charter Anniversary

*Note: The Summit Express will be update this page for areas under special working day. It is expected that a proclamation citing suspension of work and classes will be announced. According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE): "For work performed, an employee is entitled only to his basic rate. No premium pay is required since work performed on said days is considered work on ordinary working days."

Malacañang Palace said that it is proper that the people on the said areas be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate in the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.

LIST: Regular, Special Holidays in the Philippines 2018

For the special non-working holiday in the locality, workers who report for work get 1.3 times their daily rate. Those who do not work on the day, meanwhile, get no pay.

As defined in the Administrative Code of 1987, Book III, Chapter 2, Section 4, Proclamations are "acts of the President fixing a date or declaring a status or condition of public moment or interest, upon the existence of which the operation of a specific law or regulation is made to depend, shall be promulgated in proclamations which shall have the force of an executive order."

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