MANILA, Philippines- Following his controversial anti-gay comment which caused an uproar among netizens, Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao was given the opportunity to answer questions concerning the LGBT, same-sex marriage and several issues in veteran journalist Karen Davila’s dzMM radio program Pasada sa Sais Trenta.

Manny Pacquiao answers Karen Davila’s burning questions following anti-LGBT comment

The athlete-politician answered the gruelling questions of Davila via phone patch days after making a statement that homosexuals are 'worse than animals.' Although the Pinoy boxing champion earlier apologized for making the derogatory remark against members of the LGBT, Pacquiao earned the ire of netizens and even lost a deal with sports giant Nike.

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In his interview, Pacquiao stressed that he is not against nor does he condemn homosexuals as he even supports scholars who happen to members of the LGBT community. But the 37-year-old politician pointed out that he strongly opposes the act of intercourse among same-sex couples since it was clearly stated in the Bible.

Known for throwing fearless questions to her guests, Davila asked Pacquiao during the 25-minute interview: "Naiintindihan kita na lagi mong kino-quote ang Bibliya, pero narinig mo na ba ang kasabihan na, 'separation of Church and State'? Ang paghihiwalay sa relihiyon sa Estado sa pamamahala ng gobyerno. Narinig mo na ba ang phrase na 'yun, na 'separation of Church and State’?”

(I understand that you are always quoting the Bible but have you heard about the ‘separation of Church and State’? The separation of religion from State in terms of running the government. Have you heard about the phrase separation of Church and State’?)

To which Pacquiao replied: “Opo pero lagi nating tandaan na it is impossible for a nation to be successful without the guidance of the Lord.”

(Yes but we should always remember that it is impossible for a nation to be successful without the guidance of the Lord.)

Later during the interview Davila didn’t hesitate to ask Pacquiao,who is also a pastor, if he is fit to be a senator or a pastor.

According to Pacquiao, the only solution to corruption in the country is to have godly leaders. He is hoping that all leaders in the country will be godly since these leaders will have fear of the Lord not to steal money.

Lastly, Davila asked whether it is Pacquiao’s role to judge.

“Sino ba ako para mag-judge ng tao? Makasalanan ako. But I’m telling the truth. Sinusunod ko lang nakalagay sa Bible. I must obey the Word of God,” Pacquiao said.

( Who am I to judge people? I am also sinful. But I’m telling the truth. I’m just following what’s written in the Bible. I must obey the Word of God.)

Watch his full interview.

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